World-renowned psychic returns

Sally Morgan
Sally Morgan
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International psychic Sally Morgan returns to Grimsby with her phenomenal interactive stage show

An ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift, Sally has dedicated her life to exploring the work of spirit and her live show aims to give validation our loved ones still exist.

Sally has had paranormal experiences since she was a young girl, but it wasn’t until her early 30s she began to fully understand just how unique her gift was.

She decided to set up her own psychic practice giving one-to-one readings to a whole range of clients including politicians, celebrities and Royalty – the most acclaimed being the late Princess Diana whom she read for over four years. The rest they say is history.

The work of psychics often comes under scrutiny but this year Sally sensationally won a legal case against the Daily Mail newspaper after they made claims that she cheated her audiences.

After an 18 month investigation into the work that Sally does, the newspaper was forced to make a full apology to Sally admitting what they had printed was untrue as well as paying her £125,000 in damages; one of the most substantial libel payments in recent history.

Sally’s is most well known for her hit Sky LIVING TV series, Psychic Sally On The Road, which gives viewers a unique insight into her fascinating world and inevitably propelled her into stardom.

The series shows footage of Sally giving emotional messages at her live shows which has led her tour to be in high demand ever since.

Thousands of people have been drawn to Sally’s vivacious personality, which gives her show a relaxed and uplifting feel.

Her ability to pass on messages from spirit with incredible accuracy leaves audiences completely astounded.

During the show you will see how incredible messages with the spirit world build from beginning to end.

Each show is completely unpredictable, and with the highly charged atmosphere, the emotional messages come thick and fast.

For people who have never been to a live psychic performance before, they are in for a dramatic and hopefully life-affirming evening

Simply sit back, be open-minded and make sure you come forward if you think there is a message for you.

Psychic Sally: On the Road will be at the Grimsby Auditorium on Wednesday, September 11, 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £23.50; call the box Office on 0844 871 3016 or log on to

Alternatively, call in to the Cromwell Road venue and pay cash, with no booking or transaction fees.