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WI News EMN-141009-073449001
WI News EMN-141009-073449001

Members enjoyed a social evening out in Louth recently, with a visit to the theatre after a shopping expedition.

The first stop was M and Co where they were able to browse and buy at their leisure, as the store had opened specially for the party.

Then the next stop was the Riverhead Theatre, where the evening ended with the hilarious ‘Yes Prime Minister’ performed by Louth Playgoers.

And at the regular monthly meeting, guest speaker was John Hall on “Christmas now and then”.

It provided an entertaining evening with lots of laughs as John told of his childhood Christmases and how things have changed over the years.

Winner of the competition for a homemade bauble was Elaine Eccles, with Mary Lloyd second and Janet Box third,

And flower of the month winner was Sue Graves, with Vera Smart second and C Scourfield third.

The future programme has now been completed and the December meeting will be “festive food” with entertainment provided by the Salvation Army.