The amazing finds around the fields of county

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The Lincolnshire Relic Hunters, a Rasen-based metal detecting club, is reporting some amazing finds in the fields of the area, including the Wolds.

Among them, is a Roman statue dating from around 120AD, struck by Emperor Hadrian (who built the wall) to honour his gay lover Antinous, whom he later deified.

Bronze Age axes have also been found by the 110-member club and the fields around Rasen are also noted for their medieval artefacts.

The Lincolnshire Relic Hunters was formed three years ago by oil rig worker Jason Nugen of Middle Rasen, who was able to gain access to land across the county, something city-based clubs lack.

The club meets twice a week, with around 20 taking their metal detectors out on a Wednesday and around double that on a Sunday.

“I ask for permission from the landowner and make sure everyone is insured. We follow a code of conduct and ensure places are left as we find them,” Jason said.

Recognised heritage areas are also avoided to prevent any damage. Anything of value is reported to the Portable Antiquities Trust to discover its ‘provenance’ and any earnings are shared 50-50 between the finder and the landowner.

“I found a statue of the boy Antinous. He was the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s favourite,” Jason continued.

Despite reporting some other good finds, including coins and a horde of nine axes, Jason said many finds are sadly damaged beyond recognition by tractor ploughs.

“We are always hoping and looking. We come out every Sunday rain or shine and it is always good exercise,” he said.