There’ll be a mouse loose in the Riverhead

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A FAMILIAR bedtime tale for little ones comes to Louth’s Riverhead Theatre this Saturday, February 19, with music, puppetry and set that comes to life before your eyes.

Based on the book by Diana Hendry and Jane Chapman, The Blunderbus Theatre Company presents The Very Noisy Night at 11am and 2pm.

Little Mouse is wide awake in his brand new bed, because something is huffing and puffing, tap-tapping on the window outside. And is that a ghost calling “Hoo, hoo!”?

Strange things are happening inside too, with socks flying out of the drawer and shadows dancing on the wall. Are there monsters under the bed?

Little Mouse would feel a lot safer if he could sleep in Big Mouse’s bed, but Big Mouse thinks it’s high time he learned to sleep on his own.

So, amidst the huffing and puffing sits a scared little mouse with a big imagination. Will he ever get to sleep on this very noisy night?

Tickets cost £7, under 16s £5, and are available from the box office on 01507 600350.