Shakespeare is an open air experience at Middle Rasen

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Shakespeare comes to the open air at Middle Rasen this weekend.

Amici Touring Theatre presents “Much Ado About Nothing” at The Nags Head on Sunday, June 1.

And whether you are new to Shakespeare, or already a fan, this production has something for you.

Comedy, intrigue, mistaken identity, witty dialogue and two couples each with a very different take on love and romance.

Returning victorious from war, pleasure seeking soldiers set their sights on merrymaking and romance.

The sweet love between Hero and Claudio contrasts with the feisty relationship between Beatrice and Benedick.

However, when wedding plans are deliberately sabotaged, leading a nobleman to denounce his betrothed at the altar, private warfare breaks out, with sometimes dark, and sometimes hilarious consequences.

Shakespeare’s play makes you laugh, but also breaks your heart, before it all comes right in the end.

The performance starts at 3pm.

Take along your own chair and feel free to take along a picnic too.

Tickets cost £8.50 and £7 from the box office on 01673 843575.