Review: ‘Darling...Have You See My Structural Surveys?!’ at Louth Playgoers Theatre

'Darling...Have you seen my Structural Surveys?!' EMN-150914-080154001
'Darling...Have you seen my Structural Surveys?!' EMN-150914-080154001

Written by Susan Munro

I have a question to ask, how often do you get chance to see history in the making?

Well today I can honestly say I have. Darling..... is the hot off the press, a brand spanking new, hilariously funny comedy written and directed by the extremely talent John Hewer.

This young man is someone you seriously need to follow and when he’s really famous you can then say ‘I was there to see the first ever showing on stage of his new play ‘Darling...Have You Seen My Structural Surveys?!’ at Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre’.

The play opens in the office of M&K Estate Agents, a simple but versatile set designed by David Fidler, which the cast utilised with effortless ease in this fast moving farce.

Young Philip Marshall plays the womanising, self centred philanderer Adam Knightley, the K in M&K. It soon becomes apparent what sort of fellow Mr Knightley is when the new male secretary arrives.....Why male you ask? Well Adam’s track record with the previous dozen or so female secretaries has instigated the arrival of Gregory Trevalyn, the naive wannabe actor, played by James Burgess.

Without giving too much away, the scenes with the filing cabinets are just pure genius and executed with perfection....

Next we meet Adam’s colleague and girlfriend Felicity, (Natalie Clark) a headstrong, intuitive female who is not fooled at all by Adam and his little games.

Then to complete the first half cast, we have the appearance of the eccentric slightly waffy Earnest Marks, the M in M&K. I’ve seen Jerry Smith before in comedies and his comic timing never ceases to amaze me. He has the ability to make you chuckle without saying a word just by his facial expressions and mannerisms, especially during the noisy construction sound effects. He’s the perfect contrast to the younger talented actors on stage with him.

I was impressed with the slick set change for the second act; we have now been taken to the stylish property No 3 Belmont Gardens. Here we meet the last of this five strong cast, Violet Priss, a bubbly easy going, curvaceous blonde (Danielle Stark). A client or love interest, but for whom???

I must admit both the girls have assets that Barbara Windsor would be well jealous of, no wonder the guys can’t keep their eyes or hands off them. In fact the whole play is reminiscent of the classic carry on films and the seventies sitcoms. A little bit of slap stick, fast quipped one liners and plenty of innuendoes.... Speaking of the seventies sitcoms, keep an ear out for the signature tune, composed by the wonderful Christopher Peters.

This play is comedy at its best, sheer delightful abandonment of your cares and woes.

If you need a good laugh, please go and see ‘Darling...Have You Seen My Structural Surveys?!’ showing at the Louth Riverhead Theatre between the September 14 and 19.

Tickets online at or call the Box Office on 01507 600350, which is open daily 10am-1pm.