Proof that the office party will end in tears

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The Office Party by John Godber is the January Louth Playgoers production at the Riverhead Theatre, directed by Clive Nock.

Leeds advertising agency Chapman and Howard are hard at it in the run-up to Christmas.

They are desperate to win a valuable new contract and a new recruit has been hired to bring a fresh perspective to the department.

Their annual Christmas party already has a less than salubrious reputation.

Last year’s party resulted in a visit from the police - and the managing director’s divorce.

This year, the plans have been changed to avoid any such scandal and so wives, girlfriends and ‘anything complicated’ have been resolutely banned this time round.

Unfortunately, given Andy’s marital difficulties and early onset mid-life crisis, no-one has considered the impact that the new arrival (Jo), alcohol and relaxed inhibitions can have.

When the music starts and the drinks flow, no-one can be sure exactly what will happen!

The Office Party runs from January 13 to 18, with performances at 7.30pm each night.

Box office: 01507 600350.