Pint-sized theatre

Lindsey Rural Players Youth Theatre present two one-act plays at The Broadbent Theatre at Wickenby this week.

Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate follows the story of a young girl desperate to become a pirate.

But all the other pirates make fun of her, and they don’t think she will ever become a pirate.

They say she’s too small, not brave enough, not strong enough and just generally not pirate material. No one believes in her, except herself.

The second play, Nobody Famous, is set in a modern day fortune-teller’s parlour owned by the elusive Madame Mooch. Brenda is sceptical about Mooch’s fondness for telling women they were Cleopatra in a past life or by guessing the lottery numbers.

But when she correctly interprets Brenda’s future, and unexpected interruption from Joe..... their situation is about to become a lot more chaotic.

Performances of Peggy’s Not Famous are at 7.30pm on Friday, November 23, and 3pm on Saturday, November 24.

All Tickets £5 from www. or 01673 885500.