Eins, Zwei, DIY

HENNING WEHN - EINS, ZWEI, DIY EMN-151003-092817001
HENNING WEHN - EINS, ZWEI, DIY EMN-151003-092817001

Expect a diplomatic master class as Henning Wehn brings his stand up show ‘Eins, Zwei, DIY’ to Lincoln Theatre Royal this Saturday,March 14.

After more than a decade in Britain, the German Comedy Ambassador has ‘groan’ to like puns.... though he still couldn’t eat a whole one.

As Henning’s assimilation is not yet complete he hasn’t lost his sense of Westphalian wonderment at the foibles of British society.

Why does everybody want to be owned by a house? What’s wrong with having the Euro? And why hold society and government responsible for personal underachievement? You’ve only got yourself to blame for not being born into a better social class.

Expect an evening-long crash course in personal accountability and have a right old laugh at the same time! Wunderbar!

The show starts at 7.30pm.

For ticket information call 01522 519999 or log on to www.lincolntheatreroyal.com/