Cult classic-inspired triple bill of plays at Wickenby theatre

Owdyado Theatre: Twisted Tales EMN-181209-102209001
Owdyado Theatre: Twisted Tales EMN-181209-102209001
  • How far would you go to get what you want?.....

Three shows are rolled into one at Wickenby’s Broadbent Theatre as the Owdyado Theatre Company takes to the stage next week.

Twisted Tales is a hilariously dark triple bill of riotous comedies that reveal the darkness under the domestic, the lengths people will go to for love, and how to wash blood stains out of a carpet.

Why have three strangers; a brash Bristolian, a Cockney wide-boy and an introverted blogger been summoned to play a deadly locked-room mystery?

Who is the bandaged man held captive inside an upmarket flat, counting down the seconds until it’s time for HER to return and the “thing I can’t say” to begin?

How will two children’s’ TV presenters dispose of a corpse before time runs out?

Find out on Friday, September 28.

Tickets: or 0300 400 0101