Comedy takes place at the English Riviera

Antics of Fawlty Towers comes to the stage at Louth
Antics of Fawlty Towers comes to the stage at Louth

Comedy classic Fawlty Towers will be brought to the stage by Louth Playgoers next month.

Director Sue Soper has taken three episodes - ‘Communication Problems’, ‘Waldorf Salad’ and ‘The Hotel Inspectors’ - for the production, which runs from September 6 to September 14.

Each episode contains a wonderful helping of one-liners, cracking dialogue and a sprinkling of slapstick from this most popular and well-loved iconic series.

Polly Sherman has worked at Fawlty Towers Hotel in the sunny seaside resort of Torquay, on the “English Riviera” since the 70s.

Faced with difficult people every day, Polly still manages to give service with a smile.

Although Polly is employed as chambermaid and waitress, she is the most competent of the hotel’s staff and the voice of sanity during chaotic moments.

She manages the general day to day running of the hotel and solves the bulk of any problems that are incurred there.

Polly is generally good-
natured, but sometimes this is tested, especially when dealing with the Owner/ Manager of the Hotel, Basil Fawlty.

She is frequently embroiled in various ridiculous masquerades, as she loyally attempts to aid Basil by covering his mistakes, but he is not the easiest of men to get along with.

Basil Fawlty is renowned for his short fuse, extreme rudeness and intense dislike of almost all guests. His conduct towards other members of staff could almost be seen as brutality and certainly not ethical in today’s current working environment.

And the way he treats his wife Sybil! ‘Well he is the perfect candidate for an Anger Management course’ says Polly.

Generally, most of the guests are charming, especially the likes of permanent residents Miss Tibbs and Miss Gatsby, seemingly inseparable, sweet-natured, dotty spinsters.

But occasionally Polly does have to handle more formidable guests, such as Mr Hutchinson, a cutlery salesman who specialises in spoons.

Tickets cost £7.50 and £5 from the Riverhead Theatre box office on 01507 600350, which is open daily from 10am to 1pm.

The show starts at 7.30pm and there is no performance on Sunday, September 8.