Classical play of sex and ancient Greece

Caxton Theatre
Caxton Theatre

The next play at Grimsby’s Caxton Theatre is a new adaptation of the famous adult comedy classic Lysistrata the Sex Strike.

The original play is written by Aristophanes, a very successful Athenian poet and play writer, famous for his comedies. The play was first performed the year 411BC in Athens and it was an instant success.

Two thousand five hundred years later the play is still going strong. The original script has been translated in many different languages and the play is performed regularly in theatres all around the world.

The story is about how Lysistrata, an Athenian aristocrat, managed to unite all the women of the ancient Greek City States and lead them to a sex strike in order to persuade the men to stop fighting endless wars and declare peace.

She was convinced that if the men were denied sex they would agree to anything.

To ensure a quick and successful outcome the women decided to dress provocatively, to arouse the men’s sexual desires and then deny them the pleasure. Their message was: no peace, no sex.

The question is, would all the women keep their agreement? And would the men give in?

An excellent cast of 11 women and seven men perform this unmissable classical adult comedy from Saturday June 1 to Saturday June 8 (excluding Sunday).

The play is written by Germaine Greer and Phil Wilmott and directed by Photis Hardalias.

Tickets cost £6 – £7.50 and are available from the Caxton Theatre ticket office at Grimsby Central Library. Alternatively, call 01472-346251 or visit