The Elephant in the room

THE next Blues Session at the Hope Tavern in Holton le Moor will see the visit of Elephant Shelf.

Drawing on classic styles and rhythms, the band has built a considerable following with an act that is about songs, rhythms and entertainment.

Their original songs embody all that is best in rhythm and blues, swing, blues, country, the great American songbook, and much more.

The band is blessed with fascinating individual musicians giving a vivid coloration to the music.

Diana Stone, pianist and violinist with her flair-filled and eclectic mix of gypsy, jazz and classical influences; Terry McInerny with true swing on drums; Robbie Charles with electric swing bass and now string bass; Rosie Swan with a voice that almost catches fire; and Vicky Martin, who writes much of the material and pulls it together with imaginative arrangements.

The concert this Sunday, June 19, starts at 4pm and the door charge is £6.