Tasty treat for garden lovers

HIDDEN food-growing gardens in Horncastle and High Toynton will be open to the public this Sunday, September 11.

The Edible Garden Open Day has been organised by environmental group Horncastle Transition Town and aims to highlight the importance of growing your own food.

The event will also demonstrate how growing your own fruit and vegetables can save money and contribute to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Visitors to the open gardens will be able to pick up tips and tricks from more experienced gardeners and buy plants and seeds at selected venues.

A HTT spokesperson said: “For many, growing your own food is the ultimate in being green.

“With a little effort, you can expect the results to be healthy, satisfying and delicious.

“The resources needed to grow fresh salads, vegetables and fruits on your doorstep, using few inputs other than home-produced compost, are enormously less than those needed, say, to force out-of-season crops in a heated greenhouse and airfreight them from overseas.

“The focus will be on the kind of achingly fresh food that is high in vitamins and whose commercial equivalent would require extensive packaging, refrigeration and probably international air freight – and still not match what you could produce for yourself!

“Herbs, salads, tomatoes and soft fruit are delicious and rewarding ways to dabble in self-reliance.”

Among the growing spaces opening for the event is the Jobson Road Community Gardens who have 14 raised beds, a composting area and a tool shed.

The gardens were developed on unused land and are looked after by a team of volunteers aged four to 76.

HTT hope to make the Edible Garden Day an annual event.

A map and list of participating gardens is now available at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre in Bridge Street, Horncastle.

Information: email transitiontownhorncastle@hotmail.com