Talk will put flesh on the bones of Talbot Inn find

THE tale of the Talbot skeletons continues in Caistor at a talk next week.

Organised by Caistor Heritage Society, Dr Stephen Willis and Neil Parker will be talking about various finds in the Caistor area on Tuesday, May 8, in the town hall.

Radio carbon dating of two of the ‘Roman’ skeletons found while building the new Co-op store on The Talbot Inn site has proved them to be Anglo-Saxon and from the seventh century.

Alan Dennis, of the Caistor Heritage Trust, said: “If the site turns out to be Middle Saxon only, then that’s exciting, but if it turns out to be late Roman to Middle Saxon, then that’s sensational as there is only one similar site in Lincoln – which is St Paul in the Bail, and they only had a few skeletons, and Caistor has more.”

At about the same time as the skeletons were being studied, Dr Willis, of the University of Kent, was carrying out some archaeological investigations of a Roman settlement a little way out of the town where an inscribed lead sheet was unearthed, believed to be a curse tablet.

Dr Tomlin, of Oxford University, confirms this is a Roman script in New Roman Cursive and was able to discern the words ‘thief’, ‘woman’ and a repeated name he describes as “strange”.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm and entry cost is £3.