Self-taught artist’s show

Artist Bob Armstrong EMN-140710-074028001
Artist Bob Armstrong EMN-140710-074028001

An exhibition by Fotherby artist Bob Armstrong runs at Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre until October 28.

Bob is completely self-taught and among his many accolades - including winner of the inaugural ‘Spirit of Llyn’ - is being a finalist in the 2012 Sunday Times Watercolour competition.

A landscape artist, Bob is drawn time and time again to the wild upland regions of the British Isles.

Until the time of his move north, Bob had worked solely in watercolour, but quickly found another approach was needed to represent the mountains and moors around him.

By combining watercolour with inks, acrylic, gouache, crayons, collage and pastel there was no longer a need to preserve the white of the paper resulting in a much freer method of working.

In addition, he developed a method of using a glue resist before washing off paint to represent the random patterns in the landscape. This prompted him to switch to board instead of paper.

When a more conventional approach is required Bob will use soft pastel on standard pastel paper.