See the Bishops and enjoy a set of rocking good blues

SOUTHERN-based quartet The Blue Bishops provide the music at this week’s blues session in the Hope Tavern at Holton le Moor.

The Blue Bishops work at the rocky end of the R and B and blues spectrum, yet, at the same time, are acknowledged for the sensitivity and dynamics of performances that can go from a whisper to a roar in just a few moments.

A career spanning more than 12 years has seen them perform in every kind of venue and situation, anywhere from Holland and Hungary to Belgium and the Bahamas, and last year they performed in concert on the Paul Jones Show on Radio 2.

Many bands depend on their own versions of classic numbers, but while The Bishops are not averse to covering a classic or two if they can put a distinctive slant on it, the majority of their material is original.

The Blue Bishops will be playing this Sunday, April 1, from 4pm, and the door charge is £6.