Playland unravels haunted pasts

New Perspectives present Playland EMN-150219-091746001
New Perspectives present Playland EMN-150219-091746001

In the heart of rural South Africa, a travelling amusement park has opened its gates.

New Year’s Eve 1989 - an amusement park, a divided country, welcome to Playland.

New Perspectives bring Playland to the Broadbent Theatre in Wickenby next Saturday, February 28.

Martinus is an amusement park’s night watchman; Gideon has time on his hands and a bottle in his fist.

Gideon repents but is not forgiven, while Martinus is forgiven but does not repent.

The two characters, one Black and one White, symbolise the years of Apartheid and the hope that is developing in the new South Africa.

Playland is written by Athol Fugard, a fearless chronicler of South Africa and its troubled history.

The play is suitable for ages 14 and over and contains strong language throughout.

Tickets £9 and £8 from 01673 885500 or