Wet Wet Wet at Rasen but no wellies required ........ hopefully

Wet Wet Wet will perform at Rasen Rocks in 2014 EMN-140721-125510001
Wet Wet Wet will perform at Rasen Rocks in 2014 EMN-140721-125510001

Love will be all around next month as Wet Wet Wet take to the stage as part of the Rasen Rocks concert series at Market Rasen Racecourse.

The band will be giving a live concert after the racing on Saturday August 16 and your Rasen Mail caught up with drummer Tommy Cunningham to see what the audience can expect.

“We know that we won’t be playing just for Wet Wet Wet fans, so we are going to do all the hits,” he said.

“It will be one and a half hours of great songs that everybody knows - no covers or album tracks.

“We are in rehearsals just now. We have stripped everything back to basics to see how we are going to perform them.

“We have a great arsenal to deliver and no matter what happens, we always have Love is All Around.”

The Rasen gig is part of a series of five at Jockey Club racecourses across the UK.

“We are not familiar with the area (Rasen); it’s good to get to different places,” added Cunningham.

“That’s the beauty of these gigs for Wet Wet Wet and we are happy to be doing them.

“It is always a privilege to perform live - you can really feel it when you’ve got an audience.”

Cunningham has been with The Wets from the start.

The band split up in the late 1990s, but reformed in 2004 and he admits it is more enjoyable second time round.

“It (the split) was the best thing that could have happened. We found out who we were as individuals and reevaluated everything.

“When we started releasing there was always that competitive edge - to get high in the charts or get a tour.

“We don’t have to compete anymore, we are more relaxed.”

So what next?

“The hardest thing for Wet Wet Wet is getting our diaries to match up.

“Marti has carved out a big musical theatre career, which is great, and Graham has his soul records.

“2015/16 is getting near to the 30th anniversary so we have to do something special, maybe go to Albert Hall and do something different.

“But whatever, we will continue to rock and roll.”