Jay wins singing 
spot to support 
Aussie star

Up and coming musician Jay Tyrer
Up and coming musician Jay Tyrer

One of the area’s up and coming musicians has won the chance to support an international artist at one of his European tour dates

Having wowed local audiences, Jay Tyrer from Holton le Moor will be the support artist for Cody Simpson at his Birmingham gig date this Saturday, February 23.

“This will be the biggest thing I have done to date,” said 18-year-old Jay.

“I entered a competition on YouTube and this was the prize - it is a great opportunity.”

His 15-minute set at The Alexandra Theatre will include both covers and original songs.

Jay is a prolific songwriter and writes at least one song a day.

And after the Birmingham gig he will be travelling to Manchester for the exclusive release of his new album on website vidzta.com on February 25.

The album - Don’t Doubt Dreams - will be all original material written by Jay.

“Two of the songs will be ones people have heard on YouTube, but the rest will be new,” added Jay, who already has an EP on iTunes - Fresh Start - and hopes to do a single release in the near future.

Jay got into music through his step-dad and his first performances were singing at family events.

Once at Caistor Grammar School, he enjoyed taking part in the house music competitions.

“Mrs Thompson made music fun, but I always performed as part of a group, I didn’t have the confidence to go solo.”

After deciding a career in music was something to aim for, Jay taught himself to play the guitar through YouTube.

He played his first public gig at the age of 16 at The Salutation Inn in Nettleton at its Summerfest.

Since then, he has played at many venues around the Market Rasen area and says he will continue to do so.

“I am keen to stick to my roots,” he said, “so would like to continue to do local gigs, but I would also like to get more gigs down south.”

Jay is also looking to arrange a UK tour for the summer.

Meanwhile, he has plenty to keep him busy.

Since starting to work with manager Gus Goodall last November, Jay raised his profile on the social media side of things and has had many more opportunities to promote himself.

He has also received sponsorship from Tanglewood in the form of a new guitar.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far,” added Jay.

“Especially my family for pushing me along, but also for keeping me grounded.”