Collaborations - young talent dazzles

Performers at Collaborations
Performers at Collaborations

Collaborations at Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre

Review by Mike Broster

This was a musical evening by 11 to 14 year old, very talented, confident youngsters.

They selected, arranged and rehearsed their pieces without any adult help - and they didn’t make it easy on themselves by choosing simple songs.

The result was superb; the musicianship ranged from good to exceptionally brilliant.

We were treated to solos, duets and groups covering a wide range of genres.

It would be very unfair to single out any artists, but my favourite was Hallelujah given by two eleven year olds, Katie Robey and Maya McCann.

When I closed my eyes, I could have been listening to a twenty something year old singing.

But other people might have chosen the two Hollys or any other group - there was little to choose between them.

The near capacity audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening, with some of them standing on chairs, waving their arms and belting out the final song as requested by the band.