Blues special at The Hope

Hamilton Loomis
Hamilton Loomis

THIS Sunday, August 28, it’s Summertime Blues at The Hope Tavern in Holton le Moor.

Headlining the event will be Hamilton Loomis and his band from Texas, USA, as part of his current UK Tour.

Loomis is one of the young artists at the forefront of bringing blues into the 21st century and redefining it for a contemporary audience, bridging the gap between generations of music-lovers both in the US and around the world.

By deftly balancing his blues roots and penchant for experimentation and originality, Loomis has guaranteed his place at the head of the pack of young artists changing the face of modern blues.

Supporting Hamilton, with contrasting Blues style, will be Tommy Allan and Johnny Hewitt playing Delta Blues from the other end of the Blues spectrum.

The music session starts at 4pm as usual and tickets are £11.50.