Another win for Caistor folk band

Salutation EMN-171212-072646001
Salutation EMN-171212-072646001

Members of Caistor folk band Salutation are continuing their winning streak.

The group of 16-year-olds took part in the ‘introducing’ competition held at the Great British Folk Festival at Skegness Butlins last weekend.

After performing a 45-minute set, the audience votes for their favourite act - and that was Salutation.

As a result, they will now open on the main stage at next year’s event.

Nick McCann, father of two of the band members, said: “They are very excited, because as well as getting paid they get their own dressing room, free food and overnight accommodation.

“But that is all a year off, so now they need to write some songs and learn some new folk songs too.”