A good Ol’ evening of rock and blues

Music@28 got off to a great start for 2013 with a visit from The Good Ol’ Boys.

Last Saturday we were treated to the delights of rock and blues at Caistor Arts & Heritage Centre by those expert musicians, The Good Ol’ Boys, Bob and Gerry, and later by new boy Steve.

They gave us a well balanced diet of fast and slow, rock and blues, starting with a very early Elvis number moving on to Eric Clapton and finishing up with Blue Suede Shoes, via John Lee Hooker, Amazing Grace and even a blues number played in a Spanish style.

Soon the feet were tapping and lips were silently joining in with the songs - so the song sheets came out for the audience to join, and they did, with gusto.

During a medley of Classic Rock & Roll numbers, we had a competition for the best hand jive.

There was no compulsion, but many in the audience joined in.

It was won by the youngest member of the audience, Alice Dale. She surely can’t even recall films of people doing the hand jive, but she performed brilliantly and went home with a box of Thornton’s chocolates for her efforts.

The Good Ol’ Boys will be back again in September, under a new name since Steve will be joining them full time.

Their concert then will be a different mix of blues & rock, with more emphasis on the rock and electric blues.

It’s one to put in your diary, along with February 23, when local song writing duo Helian Keys, and March 16, when there will be an evening of traditional folk music with Richard Headland and Friends.

Tickets cost £5 each and are available from 01472 851605