Kings face off in battle of vanity

Kings of the Cloth of Gold
Kings of the Cloth of Gold

A brand new family comedy will take the audience back in time at Caistor next month.

An Iartsco-Caistor promotion sees the established comic duo of Dominic Goodwin and Emanuel Brierley take on several diverse and hilarious characters to re-enact the scene in Kings of the Cloth of Gold.

The year is 1520 and Henry VIII of England meets Frances I of France in an area of disputed territory.

In a French field, under cloths of gold, these two Kings compete to outdo each other in displays of wealth, wit, feasting and battlefield prowess.

Each King is proud, intelligent, and the epitome of chivalry - but who will eventually win this battle of vanity?

Kings of the Cloth of Gold will be performed at Caistor Town Hall on Sunday February 10.

The bar will be open from 6.30pm, with the show starting at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £10 in advance from Caistor Post Office or the Box Office on 01472 851159.