Go down to the woods for a fruitful surprise

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A RUSTIC overnight stay at Chambers Farm Wood near Wragby could be a fruitful experience for outdoor fans.

The Forestry Commission is staging a forest sleep-over in the 900-acre Lincolnshire woodland on Saturday, September 3.

And expert Metheringham herbalist Debbie Lincoln will be hand to help those taking part forage for forest fruits such as elderberries, blackberries and crab apples to show people how to turn them into a desert.

Debbie will also go in hunt of pine needles, mixing them with oil and beeswax to make a chest rub to sooth winter maladies.

She said: “Woods are bountiful places and we’ll be making people feel at home.

“I’ll be recounting ancient traditions and modern day thinking on the beneficial effects of plants and giving people chance to taste some wonderful food.”

Ranger Hannah Darcel added: “Feedback from the first event was terrific – people were really keen to try something different and muck in.

“We’ll be setting up camp, sending out parties to collect fire wood, lighting a campfire and going in search of forest nightlife like bats.

“It will be a night to remember.”

The event costs £25, including food and runs from 2pm until 11am the following day.

Pre-booking is essential: 01623 822447.

Participants will need to take a small tent.