Outdoor theatre at Walled Garden Baumber

Legend of King Arthur
Legend of King Arthur

With inventive staging, original songs and magical storytelling, Boxtree Productions will be bringing a classic story to life this month.

The Legend of King Arthur will be performed at the Walled Garden Baumber on Saturday, August 17.

Arthur is fed up! He is tired of his knuckles being rapped by his teacher, being ignored by his parents and bullied by his brother Kay.

However, little does he know that there is prophecy of a hero, destined to pull the sword from the stone and unite Britain, it couldn’t possibly be little Arthur could it?

With Merlin and his knights by his side, will Arthur be able to reunite Britain and thwart the evil plans of Morgan Le Fay?

Take along a picnic and blanket or low backed chair for this open air family theatre, which starts at 3pm.

Tickets are available from www.boxtreeproductions.co.uk