Moving, dark and funny

Louth Playhouse EMN-160123-220240001
Louth Playhouse EMN-160123-220240001

Leviathan - winner of top awards at the 2014 Cannes and London film festivals, is to be shown at Louth Film Club this coming Monday, January 25.

Aleksey Serebryakov plays beleaguered Kolya, trying to fight off the local big wig’s attempts to seize his property for development.

An affair leads to terrible tragedy.

Andrey Zvyagintsev’s film, which mixes symbolism, the personal, the political and the religious, amounts to a profound indictment of the corruption endemic in contemporary Russia.

Richard Keeble from Louth Film Club commented: “This is a profoundly moving, beautiful, dark film, which at times can still be very funny.”

The film kicks off at 7.30pm at Louth’s Playhouse Cinema. Tickets are £4 for LFC members, £6.90 for non-members and £5.50 for concessions.

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