First exhibition on the cards for Melton artist

Hannah Dale will be staging an exhibition at The Steel Rooms in Brigg. EMN-150716-153621001
Hannah Dale will be staging an exhibition at The Steel Rooms in Brigg. EMN-150716-153621001

An internationally recognised greetings card designer will put on her first ever exhibition at The Steel Rooms in Brigg next month.

Hannah Dale, of Melton Ross, has built up Wrendale Designs from scratch over the past four years. Her husband Jack is now managing director and they employ six full time staff.

Hannah’s popular whimsical designs of wild animals have won multiple prestigious awards and are found in gift shops up and down the country, as well as being exported worldwide.

A zoology graduate of Cambridge University, Hannah has previously focused on the greeting cards and has never before held an exhibition of her artwork.

For her first exhibition she has chosen to collaborate with fine artist Andy Broderick, previously known for his portraiture work, but now paints wildlife found in the countryside in North Yorkshire, mostly from photographs he has taken himself on trips to the moors at dawn.

“Our combined work will create a strong theme running through the show,” said Andy.

The exhibition is called “Wild at Heart” and will run at The Steel Rooms from August 8 to September 19 at The Steel Rooms in Springs Parade.

“I’m looking forward to the exhibition,” added Andy.

“Our different approaches to a similar area will create an interesting and lively dialogue.

“We both focus on the character of animals, the living energy or the essence. Hannah does this in a very anthropomorphic way, that attributes sort of human qualities to particular creatures, in quite a warm and sentimental way, where my work focuses on their wilder, more unpredictable side and the drawings themselves are random and instinctive, to reflect this.”

The pair have been brought together by Joe Cole, Managing Director of Natural Partners Limited, a company specialising in publishing fine art greeting cards featuring the work of a wide array of artists and photographers.

The company has been publishing cards of Andy’s work since 2012.