Classic French stage comedy

A NEW performance version of an hilarious and outrageous classic comes to the Broadbent Theatre at Wickenby next month.

Molière’s Tartuffe tells of a roguish imposter who worms his way into the orderly household of prosperous yet naïve merchant Orgon.

He sets out to marry the daughter, seduce the wife, imprison Orgon and get his hands on the family fortune.

Cue disguises, thwarted lovers, eavesdropping and the famous ‘under the table scene’, one of the funniest comic set pieces ever written for the stage.

Tartuffe is performed by the Northumberland Theatre Company in a style with one foot in Commedia dell’Arte and the other in ‘Carry On’ yet with a relevance that will delight modern-day audiences.

Tickets for the performance on Sunday, September 25, cost £8.50 and £7.

Call the box office on 01673 885500 or book online at

This show is financially assisted by Nottinghamshire County Council (Arts) on behalf of Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Rural Touring Partnership.