Asian comedy on offer at Film Club

Louth Film Club’s next showing on Monday November 26 at the Playhouse Cinema is The Light Thief.

The film is a charming and engaging comedy drama from the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Aktan Arym Kubat wrote and directed the film, and also takes the lead role as Mr Light.

Mr Light is an electrician in an impoverished village.

He has an unorthodox way of helping his fellow villagers who desperately want some of the modern conveniences of life but are denied them by widespread corruption.

The Light Thief is ceritificate 15.

The show starts at 7.30pm.

Non-members are welcome, paying the normal Playhouse Cinema ticket prices.

The Film Club was set up in 2005 to bring a selection of modern arthouse films from around the world to Lincolnshire.

The Club also shows a range of classics, most of which have not been seen on the big screen for many years.

The c lub developed in a different way from most film societies, which show films, usually in DVD format, in village halls or other community buildings.

Louth already had a small independent cinema, the Playhouse in the town centre, and the founding committee members decided that to work with the cinema would not only make it easier to bring the idea of a film club to fruition, it would also reinforce the survival of this important local institution for all filmgoers.