New collection of poetry gives readers an ABC of love

Colin Pitman
Colin Pitman

A Middle Rasen man is leading the way in romantic gestures ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Colin Pitman has always been interested in poetry, but it is only since taking early retirement he has really put pen to paper.

Now he has published his first collection of poems, Lexicon of Love.

“It is an easy style of poetry and prose to read,” said Colin.

“Not too long and wordy and written so the reader can just flick through and find a poem that reflects the mood of the moment - whether its Something Sultry in the Sun; Fun in Freezing February; or just Taking Time out on a Tuesday.”

The inspiration for ‘Lexicon of Love’ came while listening to music on a long journey.

“The words hurry heart hotel in a Shania Twain song struck a cord and then being on the A1 I started to think whether there was a B1 and C1,” added Colin.

“Going through this mental ABC of roads, I had the idea of using the letters of the alphabet to write a collection of poems.”

Having completed the poems, he presented them to his partner as a Valentine’s gift and, with a little persuasion, she has agreed to them being published for others to enjoy.

Now, Colin is working on further titles in his Lexicon series, with his Lexicon of Scotland well underway.

And to support the town’s Portas Pilot project, he is also researching a Lexicon of Market Rasen and is keen to hear what people think should be included.

Along to this Saturday’s MR BIG Love, Love me Do market, where there will be a board for suggestions of what to include in the town’s A-Z.

Meanwhile, Lexicon of Love is available from Something Special in Market Rasen and Byrom & Steel art cafe in Brigg, priced £5.95.