New book tells story of village show

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A county village organisation is launching a new book to coincide with the 130th anniversary of its village’s annual agricultural and horticultural show.

The Sturton and Stow History Society is unveiling the book entitled ‘Pumpkins, Pies, Ploughs and Produce’ at this year’s Sturton & Stow Agricultural and Horticultural Show, this Saturday October 7, at 1.30pm in the Youth Wing of Sturton by Stow Primary School.

Sharron Banham with her book EMN-170410-082052001

The 50+ page book will be available at the show for a special price of £7.50; the book will cost £8.50 (plus £2.50 p&p) after that date.

The book’s author Sharron Banham said: “In 2015, I was asked whether I would like to put a book together on the history of the Sturton & Stow Agricultural &Horticultural Society, with the launch to coincide with the 130th Anniversary of the ‘Show’.

“I was excited, if not a little daunted, at the task which lay ahead.

“However, I took up the challenge and have spent the intervening time gathering photographs and information from various sources, as well as talking to lovely people who have been willing to share their memories of the Show with me.

“My thanks go to everyone who has been involved with the Show over the 130 years since it began in 1887 and to all contributors.”

By 1887 Queen Victoria had reigned for 40 years, the British Empire was at its height, Gilbert & Sullivan were household names after the success of The Mikado and the relatively recently formed Lincoln City

Football Club won the Lincolnshire Senior Cup for the first time.

The book suggests that although the date seems certain, the exact origin of the show is a little unclear.

Early shows took place around the village pond, which once existed in the village centre, before moving to the old village hall and subsequently the village school.

With a fun fair, horse racing and a dinner and dance, along with all the produce displays, ‘Show Day’ was a date that every villager looked forward to.

Sharron continued: “I hope people will enjoy the book and appreciate the heritage of the Sturton & Stow

Agricultural and Horticultural Show.

“Perhaps for local people it will be remembering times gone by with friends and families who have left such a huge imprint on our local communities which the Show represents.

“For others it is a book which chronicles a village show, similar to those of many communities throughout the UK, but which may no longer take place or not have been recorded.

Of course the history does not stop with the publication of ‘Pumpkins, Pies, Ploughs and Produce’.

“The Sturton & Stow Agricultural and Horticultural Society will continue its fine tradition and I wish it every future success.”

For more information about ‘Pumpkins, Pies, Ploughs and Produce’ visit the Sturton and Stow History

Society website at, visit their Facebook page or call Sharron on 01427 788254.

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