Living History weekend at Gainsborough Old Hall

Artists and Artisans of Richard III 1483 at Gainsborough Old Hall, July 12 and 13 EMN-140307-141808001
Artists and Artisans of Richard III 1483 at Gainsborough Old Hall, July 12 and 13 EMN-140307-141808001

Lord Burgh’s Retinue and guests are turning the clock back at Gainsborough Old Hall this month to the ‘cousins war’ better known as The Wars of the Roses, a period of England’s bloody history where two branches of the royal family fought for the throne itself.

Gainsborough Old Hall has an excellent reputation for staging high standard medieval living history events and ‘Artists and Artisans 1483’ is no exception.

Richard III is now king and he is touring the realm to gather support for what many see as his illegal seizing of the crown from his young nephew.

Sir Thomas and Lady Margaret Burgh are to play host to the new king and his travelling court.

They have hired in artists and artisans to finish off the extensive renovations, rebuilding and redesign of the manor house – The Old Hall.

The magnificent manor house will host a well known Danish medieval portrait painter, the king’s personal armourer, seamstresses, spinners, embroiderers, tile maker and potter, musicians, book binder, specialist painters, and pole lathe turner, making extra wood wares for the kitchens, whilst a wheelwright will be at work in the courtyard and a Moneyer from the royal mint at Westminster will be striking coin for the kings coffers.

With all this activity visitors will also have the rare chance to see the real medieval kitchens working with the cooks preparing delicious dishes for the lord’s own table and practicing for the king himself.

Elsewhere in the manor, you may find Sir Thomas and Lady Burgh with the attentive household staff, all about their everyday tasks, all very much engaged in getting every detail right for the new king’s visit.

As exquisite clothes are made ready for the family, beautiful embroidery, a presentation portrait for the king, and a hand gilded book of chivalry is sewn and finished, there is always the darker side of the ‘cousins war’; rumours of treason and rebellion – will Richard keep his throne and will Sir Thomas support him?

You will have to go along and experience 1483 to find the answer!

This very special medieval living history event is a ‘one off’ and will not be repeated.

Artists and Artisans of Richard III 1483 is at Gainsborough Old Hall on July 12 and 13.

The Old Hall can be found in Parnell Street and the event opens at 10am on both days and closes at 5pm with the ceremony of ‘allnight’.

Admission is £6.50 for adults, £4.40 concessions and £17.50 for a family.