Just a Shaggy Dog Story

Shaggy Dogs at 20-21 EMN-141013-153536001
Shaggy Dogs at 20-21 EMN-141013-153536001

Shaggy Dog Stories is the latest exhibition to open at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe.

This brand new exhibition is by Nottingham based artist Tom Hackett and tells the tales of dogs and their owners.

It runs until March 14, 2015.

Shaggy Dog Stories is an installation of 13 wheelbarrows in 20-21’s sculpture courtyard.

Each wheelbarrow contains a brightly coloured silicon-rubber sculpture of a dog.

Artist Tom Hackett sees each of the dog sculptures as ‘mobile artwork.

Over the last three months, he has been taking the sculptures on walks to public places, such as Central Park and Normanby Hall Country Park.

On these walks he talked to fellow dog walkers and gathered stories they would tell him about themselves about their pets.

The stories he collected will be featured in a pretend newspaper called ‘Shaggy Dog Stories’ that will be available for free at 20-21 during the exhibition.

The idea came to Tom while dog-sitting for a friend; he was astounded by how many strangers would speak to him whilst he was out walking the dog.

Tom, who doesn’t own a dog himself, became interested in how he could make sculptures that encouraged people to talk and share stories in a similar way.

“This is a fascinating exhibition and is nothing like what we have had before at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre,” said Coun John Briggs, cabinet member for asset management, culture and housing at North Lincolnshire Council.

“The sculptures are fantastic and it really captures your imagination.

“You can tell that Tom has put a lot of creativity into producing this remarkable exhibition.

“It is great that you can see the exhibition from Church Square – it brings it to life. I would definitely recommend that everyone goes to have a look at this unique exhibition.”

The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

The installation will also be able to be viewed from the public areas of Church Square outside the gallery opening times.

Further details and images of the project can be found on Tom Hackett’s website: www.tomhackett.org

Tom has been able to create the Shaggy Dog Stories project through funding from Arts Council England.