International artist comes home

Artist Alexis Rago
Artist Alexis Rago

A Normanby by Spital artist who has exhibited all over the world is looking forward to showcasing his latest work a little closer to home.

Alexis Rago’s sculpture ‘Impermanent and Everlasting’ will be one of the main attractions at Lincoln’s Frequency Festival - a celebration of artists who use digital tools and new media.

Alexis - who studied fine art in Florence, Italy, and has a biology degree from the University of Manchester - uses ceramic material to explore the relationship between science and spirituality.

And he enhances his audience’s experience by using video, sound and light.

The Impermanent and Everlasting installation, commissioned specifically for Frequency 2013, specifically focuses on the fragmentation of knowledge by bringing together evolutionary theory and sacred art in a deliberate strategy to encourage debate on notions of the sacred and secular, and the human need to mythologize.

Alexis - who has been exhibiting his work nationally and internationally for more than two decades - said: “The space of Lincolnshire has been very important.”

He added: “It’s a wonderful area.”

The Frequency Festival integrates art into Lincoln’s landscape in the form of installations, projections, site-specific work and live performances. It will run from October 18 to 26.

Impermanent and Everlasting has a twin piece now showing at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford. Both will go on tour in 2014.

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