1, 400-year-old brooch declared as treasure

A brooch, thought to be 1,400 years old, which was found in a village near Market Rasen has been declared as treasure at an inquest.

The brooch was found by Mr Wilson, from Sheffield, with a metal detector on land owned by a gentleman which he had detected on for more than 30 years.

In a report made by National Finds Advisor Helen Geake and Barry Ager, a British Museum employee, they found that the brooch, in the shape of an animal’s head, was made of silver and was gilded.

The find matches other discoveries in the country which gives its date in the region of the late 6th or early 7th centuries.

Coroner Stuart Fisher declared the item as treasure and a sum will be paid by the British Museum which will be split between Mr Wilson and the gentleman who owns the land.

Items which are made of more than 10 poer cent gold or silver and are more than 300 years old constitute treasure and must be deemed so by a coroner.