VIDEO: THEY DID IT! Trio of Billingborough cricketers set new batting world record for charity in Sleaford

Three Billingborough cricketers have set a new world record in Sleaford batting for 72 hours continuously to raise money for Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance.

Dave Newman, Shaun Brown and Richard Wells reached they amazing target of batting against a bowling in the nets at Sleaford's Northgate Sports Hall at 9.05am this morning (Sunday).

They have overcome sleep deprivation, painful feet from standing for long periods, hallucinations of cheese and M and Ms and enjoyed morale boosting visits by friends and family and late night DJ sets to carry them over the line.

We talked to the three straight after the count down to the 72 hour target was reached.

Shaun Brown, Dave Newman and Richard Wells complete their 72 hour cricket marathon.

Shaun Brown, Dave Newman and Richard Wells have completed a 72 hours batting world record in Sleaford.

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