Broughton motorcycle racer Gary Johnson happy wit6h Doningon Park workout

Johnson in action at Donington Park EMN-160404-164233002
Johnson in action at Donington Park EMN-160404-164233002

Top Lincolnshire road racer Gary Johnson brought his Reactive Engineering BMW to Donington Park for some testing prior to the start of his season.

Despite the inclement conditions and a few technical problems, Johnson, from Broughton, near Brigg, recorded second and third places in two races on Sunday with Thundersport GB. He was pleased with the way the bike handled.

Gary Johnson EMN-160404-164244002

Gary Johnson EMN-160404-164244002

“I have just borrowed the bike from the German team,” he said. “They have given me some new suspension and this is our first time out on it to see how it goes for me.

“We made some big changes after qualifying ready for the first race and went out on the same tyres which unfortunately were not up to doing 27 laps, so a few riders gradually whittled me down and overtook me.

“We also had a bit of an electrical fault with the battery connection being a bit loose, but we have sorted that and are working through some settings.

“I’m really happy with the way things are going. I will be riding the bike at the North West 200 and also the TT so am really only interested in getting some dry set-up.

“I had no wet weather tyres and no spanners, an old set of tyre warmers and only the one set of wheels, so I’m happy with the performance as things stand.

“There is plenty more in the tank so we are just methodically working through the set up.”

The North West 200 in Northern Ireland takes place from May 8 to 14 after which Gary will head off to the Isle of Man for the TT festival which runs from May 28 to June 10.