TRIATHLON: Could Caistor have a future Olmypian?

Alex Bowman and Parks Principle
Alex Bowman and Parks Principle

Could Caistor’s Alexander Bowman be a future Olympic champion? Well the 21-year-old is now looking ahead to Rio 2016 after winning the inaugural Pony Club Winter Triathlon Championships.

Alex, a third year veterinary student at Nottingham University, is also the current Regional Tetrathlon Champion and was placed third in the British University Pentathlon Championships.

Olympic silver medallist Samantha Murray started with the Pony Club Triathlon and Tetrathlons and Alex, who rides for Brockelsby Pong Club, has recently had try-outs with the national selection squad.

In 2012, Alex won the Yorkshire PentathlonGB, came eighth in the National PentathlonGB Championships and second in the Triathlon PentathlonGB Championships.

As well as riding, swimming, running and shooting, the disciplines involved in a tetrathlon, Alex has also now added fencing to his list of talents, needed to compete in the Olympic Modern Pentathlon.

But all of this comes at a price and he is still in need of sponsorship to help pay for equipment and training.

Anyone who can help should contact 07791 704216