Rugby club hoping to RaseIt for facilities

Market Rasen and Louth Rugby Club is continuing to fundraise with its RaseIt campaign in order to improve Willingham Road facilities.

The rugby dlub is used and enjoyed by hundreds of people every week during the rugby season.

There are plans to install floodlights on another of 
the club’s pitches, and to extend the training area to create space for a new minis and junior playing area adjacent to the pitches.

A leaflet created by the club says: “The club’s facilities that we are all so proud of have, for some time now, been struggling to cope with the demands put upon them.

“We desperately need the improvements to our facilities. To achieve these things we urgently need your help.”

The club has put plans for a new clubhouse on the back burner and is focusing solely on the playing surfaces.

Junior chairman Norm Pringle said: “We held an event at the racecourse last year which raised roughly £1,100.

“We launched RaseIt in September last year.

“Things are going really well so far, we’ve raised nearly £30,000.

“Everyone at the club is really getting behind it, it’s brilliant.”

The club’s most recent fundraiser took place on Burn’s Night, and Norm said the club was hoping to have raised a similar amount from that.

“Unfortunately the weather didn’t help us over Christmas,” Norm continued.

“But we’re hoping things pick up now it’s clearing.

“Ideally, we need a minimum of around £100,000 to make these changes at the rugby club.

“We are all getting involved, and we are all desperate to keep the club moving.

“Our junior sides are getting bigger every year and we need the facilities to accommodate them.”

The club has four senior XV sides, a veterans team, a ladies squad, junior sides from Under 13s to Under-17/18s and playing opportunities for ‘minis’ from Under-6s to Under-12s.

Norm said: “We have three pitches, so we can have three games at any one time.

“But when you have as many teams as we do, it’s difficult to fit them all in.

“We have hundreds of people who come to the club on weekends.”

The campaign leaflet can be downloaded from the club’s website:

There are a number of fundraising ideas included as well as a form that can be filled in to donate some money towards the club to help it reach the target of £100,000.