Puissance: Elvis rises to the unique challenge

Harry Whall jumping 174cm to clinch first prize EMN-140515-095535001
Harry Whall jumping 174cm to clinch first prize EMN-140515-095535001

Elvis earned his owner £300 in the JC Groundworks puissance challenge, soaring 1.74m over the unique Lego brick wall at Willow Banks Equestrian centre at Claxby.

Harry Whall beat off stiff competition from 23 fellow show jumpers as the wall was raised a block at a time to the delight of the crowd of 300 people watching.

The runners up were Danielle Willett on You Too the First in second place and Caroline Toombes on Starlux in third place.

The puissance challenges horses and their riders to jump as high as they can, with each successful attempt rewarded with progression to the next round.

In the UK many people are aware of the class due to its popularity at the Horse of the Year show.

Riders and spectators travelled from surrounding counties to this first unaffiliated show at the new Willow Banks equestrian complex with its international standard outdoor arena.

Seven classes, with jumps starting at 60cm through to 110cm, attracted entries from over 100 riders.

Mike Chisholm 60cm: 1st Christina Dewick Carter, 2nd Ben Walker, 3rd Amelia Betts.

HSport 70 cm: 1st Lauren Mathieson, 2nd Tom Regis, 3rd Alex McNamara.

Jacks Tack 90cm: 1st Hayley Vallance, 2nd Rosie Fackrell, 3rd Gemma Dickens.

HSport 100cm; 1st Gemma Dickens, 2nd Gemma Dickens, 3rd Hayley Vallance.

Staff Force recruitment 110cm: 1st Gemma Dickens, 2nd Jessica Whall, 3rd Daniella Johnson.

JC Groundworks Puissance: 1st Harry Whall, 2nd Danielle Willett, 3rd Caroline Toombes.