Clubs on target for disability shooting and archery event

Visitors to the shooting and archery day get on target with pistol shooting
Visitors to the shooting and archery day get on target with pistol shooting

Members of Market Rasen Small-bore Rifle Club were among volunteers taking part in a disability shooting and archery day.

Around 70 people attended the event, plus their carers, held at Lincoln University Sports Hall, which was organised by Dave Carter Associates for the Lincolnshire Small-bore Rifle Association (LSRA).

National Champion Blind Shooting Michael Whapples

National Champion Blind Shooting Michael Whapples

Pistol, air rifle and archery were all on offer, using an array of adaptations to support people in their efforts.

“The day was organised primarily to have a disability focus, but target shooting and archery has the advantage of being truly inclusive, so we were able to open the day to the whole family unit, so everyone could take part in an activity and compete together,” said Dave Carter, development officer for LSRA.

Eleven community clubs, including Market Rasen and also the Hemswell and Keelby Rifle Clubs, as well as three National Governing Bodies attended the event, supporting a number of different disabilities present on the day.

Helping people keep on target were a number of specialist aids, including bench rests and the use of sound scopes, which were fitted to both rifle and bows to enable those with visual disability to aim at the target.

Listening to the sounds played in their headphones, as the gun nears the bull the sound intensifies.

And to support and act as role models they were fortunate to have two National Champions attending on the day - Keith Morris, soul Paralympian silver medallist, and Michael Whapples National Blind Shooting Champion.

“This was possibly the largest community disability event to take place outside of Stoke Mandeville,” added Mr Carter.

“Having Keith and Michael at the event proved to be a great success and participants spent a lot of time talking to and being instructed by both champions.

“The day gave lots of people the chance to try out a new sport and also link them to their community club, which with eleven clubs covering the whole county meant a lot of participants could meet with and discuss membership at their local club.”