ATHLETICS: Alice leads Cambridge University team to victory

Alice Kaye (2nd right) with her relay team colleagues in the  Cambridge University womans athetics team for 2013-14. EMN-140825-110953001
Alice Kaye (2nd right) with her relay team colleagues in the Cambridge University womans athetics team for 2013-14. EMN-140825-110953001
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Academics and athletics do go together, that’s according to former Caistor Grammar School student Alice Kaye who has been the 2013-2014 Athletics captain at Cambridge University.

More important her teams beat Oxford in the annual varsity match 2014.

From Holton le Moor, Alice took on the Women’s Captain role this time last year and has never looked back.

“We have three varsity matches a year against Oxford so a considerable chunk of the captaincy involves putting the team together for those.

“We had over 40 women competing in the Summer Varsity Match this year, so it can be a bit hectic making sure all events are filled and everyone has all the relevant information. Between the matches there was a lot of flexibility to make the role your own.

“I wanted to make sure that I knew every member of the team and what they wanted to achieve so I was at all the training sessions making sure I was aware of any injuries or niggles and indeed when athletes had done good performances.”

Alice also introduced a weekly motivational email and a ‘Woman of the Week’ honour which worked well in getting the different event squads to recognise members of other squads.

“We lost the Winter Freshers Varsity match which was a bit disappointing as we didn’t have the athlete intake we needed to win. However, in March we took Oxford on in the Indoor Relays Varsity Match with all years and won by a mile. The women’s team broke five Match Records- I contributed to the 4 x 60m, 4 x 200m and 4 x 400m. It was inspiring to watch the team compete.”

For the Summer Varsity match, which is the highlight of the calender and the one that really matters, Alice was a bit worried about her own performance as she had a hamstring injury in the month leading up to the event and had to run with it taped. In the event though she took part in all the sprints: 100, 200, 400 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m which she described “as a bit tiring.”

“I ran a personal best in the 100m and then went on to the 400m where I knew I was expected to win which was really daunting. I ran a PB in a time of 56.11 which broke the Varsity Match Record and also puts me at the top of the all time list for the 400m for Cambridge UAC. I couldn’t believe the time when I crossed the line. I then went on to win the 200m and our quartet won both of the relays.

“Crossing the line on the last leg of the 4 x 400m, knowing that Cambridge had won both the Women’s 1st and Second team events, and by a large margin, was a wonderful moment. It is tradition though to throw the captains into the water jump at the end of the day, which was maybe less enjoyable.”

Alice was also awarded Female Athlete of the Match for the day as well.

“I have absolutely adored the role. To lead such dedicated and committed athletes was a real honour and it is a year I will remember fondly.”

Now her term of office is over and she described it as quite an emotional moment to hand over leadership of the athletics club.