ANGLING: Goulsbra victory secures third spot in Market Rasen Angling Winter League

Sunday saw the eighth and final match in the Market Rasen Angling Winter League fished at the Willingham Road Lake and only seven anglers turning out for the draw.

With the title already secured by Roy Bentley the anglers where fishing for the runners up and third place spot prizes.

The weather for the match was overcast with snow flurries, but a persistent cold easterly wind throughout the five hour match made conditions difficult in getting the fish to feed.

Ted Goulsbra fishing from peg 6 was the man who mastered the fishing conditions and totally dominated the match with a weight of 3lb 15 oz, caught on the feeder with double pinkies for bait. Ted’s win secured him a third place in the final league table.

Second place in the match was a tie between Roy Bentley and Bud Chambers, Bentley fishing pole from peg 26 and Chambers also fishing pole from peg 27, they both weighed in with oz.

Barry De’ath secured fourth place in the match fishing pole from peg 21 with a weight of 5oz and the two points earned secured him second place overall in the final league table.

The final point was claimed by Dave Humphrey’s fishing feeder from peg 18, with 3 oz

The final table was as follows.

The anglers now take a break from match fishing until the Summer Aggregate Shield commences in May, but there will be sweepstakes run to fill the gap and the first one is Sunday March 10. Any member wishing to fish then please turn up for the draw time of 8.30am, fishing 9.30am to 2.30pm.