Work has left me awestruck

EDITOR – Many hands have now turned a once-dishevelled looking Caistor Town Hall car park into a garden of delight and splendour to the beholder of an eye for beauty and pleasure, thanks to our Caistor in Bloom Group and Crocosmia Gardens.

And so with this in mind, through the pages of our Market Rasen Mail, may I ‘tip one’s hat’ and ‘give great thanks’ to my neighbour Lauri Fox who, along with her husband Mark, have near-on performed a miracle on the most demanding part of this adventure, ‘The Bank’.

For as the photograph portrayed Lauri Fox in the process of planting more than 600 plants of different varieties, (MRM Wednesday, May 25, 2011), this wonderful woman has worked day after day, week after week, with an inner strength and determination to see this work through.

It has the likes of myself shaking my head in wonderment at her willingness to totally transform something that was nothing but an ‘eyesore’.

Nino Hoblyn