WLDC - Silly season for politicians?

I had to chuckle when I read Giles McNeil’s piece in the Rasen Mail regarding Lib Dem councillor defection. Well, the silly season is upon us once again, elections just around the corner.

Just to say, we still have 10 yellow bottles standing on the wall! All this hype over party politics, does it really matter. It seems some people take their politics seriously and forget what we are voting for locally.

There is something that has always puzzled me. Why do we have the same political names for our local political parties as we have for national government.

The only connection I can see is for support and funding. No matter which political party is in control of the district council they all have to abide by the same rules.

So, does party politics really make a difference locally to the day to day running of councils, if we all have to abide by these same rules that are set by government?

Our district council West Lindsey, is politically run. At the moment the blues have overall majority, with the yellows second and then we have the reds and whites close behind. Let’s dispel a myth here that councillors run the council. If that’s the case why do we spend millions of pounds on employing officers? Local policies are drawn up by the officers for the councillors to talk and discuss, again talk and discuss, then vote on the policy.

There is a quote I once read regarding party politics, “politics that relate to political parties rather than to the good of the general public”

So, does it matter which political party you vote for locally if they all have to abide by the same rules.

Do our voting habits need to change, do we need to move away from party politics and get to know the person we are voting for?

Ken Bridger

Market Rasen town and

district councillor