Winning bid attracts more support, so let’s act on town’s traffic issues

Editor – Having read a piece in last week’s Rasen Mail, I felt I would like to address a few points to our district councillor, through your letters page.

I find it fascinating that the local and district leaders now want to get on board with MR BIG following the Portas success – prior to which they were all strangely quiet.

Of course, this is what MR BIG will build its success on – that is getting the community as a whole working together for the benefit of the town.

The district council, prior to the success of this group, has sought to reduce Rasen to a back water and promoted Gainsborough in times past. This is now resigned to history and we have a great opportunity to begin work together.

Having read Mr Keimach’s comments about the future, we have to regard parts of the past. The bypass might be a spectacular platform on which to play the political game, and pedestrianisation of the high street a fanciful whim, but, Mr Keimach, we need action now!

I do not believe those aforementioned plans can happen in my lifetime, but there are some minor quick wins the DC can adopt, that I, and many other townspeople, would appreciate.

Firstly, we can address the speed of traffic through our town.

I realise it is an arterial road, but I would suggest a 20mph speed limit on traffic through the town. This would reduce noise and pollution from the trucks which seem oblivious to pedestrians.

Secondly, the issue of huge articulated vehicles. These could, in effect, be eliminated by posting the town as unsafe for loads over 7.5 tons. That traffic can be diverted from the top of Willingham Hill along the B1225 to re-join the A46 at Caistor.

How willing is the district council to support Market Rasen in the face of the onslaught of publicity that this new found fame is going to engender?

One small accident in town and the whole thing can be scuppered at a stroke.

I do not believe these plans are expensive to implement, they just need the will – like that of MRBIG.

Steve Hine