Wind Turbines - Great work by local bodies

South Kelsey/Moortown/Holton le Moor proposed Wind turbine.

I am concerned, that the two local bodies largely responsible, for the success (subject to the company going to appeal) did not receive the plaudits they deserved in the last excellent report.

May I highlight the hard work of the action committee, ably led by Mrs Michelle Boulton, and the South Kelsey parish council, ably clerked by Mrs Jenny Stympson, as without these two bodies West Lindsey would not have been so aware, of the feeling at the public meeting where nearly one hundred voted against, and only five in favour.

I am still concerned that the planning officer did not think either the Wolds countryside agency or my input and the action/parish committees, over the proximity and Visual impact to and from the Wolds, were not supportable, although many will be delighted for the Caistor application, where the Visual impact was seen as a serious issue.

It is essential that the public are prepared to stand up and be counted, on such matters- if not usually, the big battalions win, and democracy loses.

Lewis Strange

WLDC member for The Kelsey’s