Wind turbines are not for all

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EDITOR - We, who live and work within the vicinity of our lovely Lincolnshire Wolds, must consider the words from Whitehall on renewable energy.

They are hedged in cosy phrases - however, the truth is that there is a somewhat single-minded approach to our huge problem of energy supply: wind turbines.

Whilst other continental countries are concentrating on solar panels being installed on existing houses, as well as new build, very little seems to be hitting the headlines at home.

Indeed, in some places on the continent, turbines are being dismantled because they are being found now to only generate a third of what was claimed on the tin.

Of course, the Victorians would have put a barrage across the Humber (and possibly the Wash).

Sadly, the blue sky thinking has not been employed.

Across Lincolnshire a whole rash of wind farm applications are hitting the desks of the planning teams at our district councils.

Meanwhile, government advice to planning officers is to look at these applications more favourably than in the past.

There is little doubt that the very existence of many wind farms as a force of worthwhile energy production is very marginal, whilst off-shore they are claimed to be up to four times as effective.

I can only speak as a West Lindsey councillor, and my position as chairman of the Wolds Joint Advisory Committee.

In this capacity, I would state that the whole of the Lincolnshire Wolds (and the area surrounding it) must be protected.

I fully realise there are many people who would disagree with me.

However, as someone who wishes out children and grandchildren to enjoy the wonderful views we currently have from Nettleton top or Fulletby village, without being blighted by a forest of turbine, we should do all we can to protect our wonderful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

I believe it is time for our Members of Parliament to be made fully aware of our feelings on this matter - they will want our votes in the future.

Lewis Strange,